Mobile Application Development

The mobile applications available in today's marketplace can and do almost everything you can imagine. Each major mobile platform has seen the value of and created their own app store whereby you can have an immediate marketplace through which to market and distribute your application. Regardless of if your reason in developing and releasing a mobile app is simply in getting your services in front of potential clients or generating revenue by selling the app for money, we can help you realize that goal. Databases Done Right will bring it's extensive experience to bear on your project and help your vision of a mobile app become a reality.

People have their mobile devices within easy reach just about every minute of every day, can your business afford not to be on it? In today's world you see people on their smartphones and tablets everywhere you look. They are constantly looking at or interacting with their various mobile devices. Wouldn't it be nice if part of what they were looking at were your product or service? That is exactly what a mobile app can do for your business. By creating a program that people will want to install on their phone you have established a presence in their life; a constant reminder that you are here, ready and willing to help take care of them in providing for their needs with the services you have to offer.

People Want Easy

We live in a world where pretty much everything is available on demand and with little to no real effort required on our part to achieve it. Because of this, the easier you can make it for a potential customer to find you the better. If your icon is on their smartphone or tablet, they are literally just a finger click away from getting in contact with you. How much easier can that get?

Most people are willing to pay more for the convenience of not having to try too hard to get what they want of need. They look for the easiest possible path in finding what they are looking for ... that includes finding and hiring you for a job or purchasing your products. People already have their mobile device close at hand, and it is far easier to click on an icon already on their device, as opposed to taking the time to type in your website's URL or search for an locate you within the search engines. Plus considering the amount of time, effort, and money your business expends to get a person to find and visit your website, offering a mobile application to your visitors is a way to get them to remember your site, and easily return to you in the future.

Benefits Of A Mobile Application

Just a few of the many benefits of having a mobile app for your business include:

  • Increase Business Referrals - By having your company's information on a client's smartphone, they are far more likely to refer you ... not just because they are constantly reminded of your company and the excellent job that you did for them ... but also because your company's contact information is right there. How easy is it for them to remember the website addresses or contact numbers for your company when they have a friend or colleague in need of your services in front of them at that very moment? With your company's mobile application on their phone, referring your company is much easier and far more likely to happen compared to having to remember or dig up the information and get back to them.
  • It Is Easier To Get In Contact With You - The mobile app already knows how to reach you ... the user may not. You spent a lot of time and money into getting people to find out about your business and visit your website, it is imperative that they know how to reach you when they are in need of your services or are willing to buy. What good does it do if they can't remember what your web address is? In addition, while they try to dig up your contact information or remember your website's location they are very likely to stumble upon one of your competitors and go with them instead.
  • Brand Recognition - Your logo is continually in their face. As your potential client uses their mobile device for one of the many conveniences it offers, they will scroll past your logo or icon time and time again. By seeing it so many times, they can't help but get it implanted in their subconscious. They say an advertisement takes three times being viewed before you are likely to remember it. Just by having your mobile app on their phone they will be far more likely to remember you when they are looking to use your services.
  • Your Information Is Available Offline - Even when a person is away from their network or low on data, since a mobile application stores most if not all of it's data on the client's phone, they will be able to access it even when the internet is not close at hand.

Get Your Own Mobile App

People now spend over 50% of their total time on their internet browsing time on a mobile device. Even if all that you have to offer a potential client/customer in the way of a mobile app is nothing much more than another copy of your website, it could easily be within your best interest to create a mobile app, just so you can be found as easily as possible.