Databases done Right developed a full featured website from the ground up so that Soar No More could distribute their selection of pigeon, dove, duck, and crow decoys online. We provided Soar No More with a custom website design, easy to use shopping cart, and site management solution.

Databases Done Right worked with Just Kid Costumes to design and develop an appealing looking website and apply it to their existing Magento shopping cart solution. Over the years, further enhancements we have been hired to provide further enhancements to the site including modification to the site code for better search engine optimization support as well as support of an elaborate drop shipping setup, allowing Just Kid Costumes to offer products from many different distributors as well as warehouse locations.

Databases Done Right developed as a site where anyone, regardless of skill or ability can create a great looking website, quickly and affordably. Aimed at the small business owner, users of the site can create and manage their own websites with ease until their company grows to a point where hiring a professional developer would be advisable.

Child Nutrition Programs

Databases Done Right provided the Idaho State Department of Education with an online training and lending library database. The site helped make it easier for food service personnel within the Idaho schools to sign up and receive ongoing food safety training. Over time modifications were made to enable online video trainings as well as the ability to lend out and track state materials to it's instructors such as videos and textbooks.

Databases Done Right worked with Iconic Displays to create a custom website that would meet all of it's marketing and product management needs. Iconic Displays personnel needed an easy way to manage their products, post new content to their website, as well as have an easy to use method for exchanging graphics files within their organization. Over time their needs have changed, and Databases Done Right has been there, every step of the way, to provide them whatever new functionality they need for their website.

When Gemtek first approached Databases Done Right they were a small to medium sized business in need of a site that was more visually appealing. Their current site wasn't ranking well in the search engines and their advertising efforts weren't converting well due to their website's current design. We worked with Gemtek to provide them with a fresh, visually appealing new site design, and a stronger site structure. The changes to their site quickly resulted in an increase in lead generation, more work for them, and greater profits. Their quick rise through the ranks of pest control companies has earned them greater respect and today they are now part of a multinational chain of pest control companies.

Databases Done Right provided with a web based interface where visitors to the site are able to log their round of golf and have it compared to professional benchmarks to determine a golfer's improvement. As more and more rounds of golf are entered, the site is able to provide users with greater and greater insights into their golf game. These insights can help them identify areas in need of improvement and the strokes gained golf metrics are sure to become a standard of both professionals and amateur golfers in the years to follow.