Internet Marketing

The internet is quite large, and advertising opportunities abound everywhere you look. It can often times be hard to determine where you will get the biggest bang for your advertising buck. Our vast web development and internet marketing experience allows us to not only determine an effective internet marketing strategy, but successfully implement it as well. There are a wide variety of fronts, upon which one can act in order to increase the visibility of your company's website.

  • Link Swapping - Will provide long term benefits to your webpage and does not cost any advertising money, but takes time in order to contact perspective websites that may be willing to exchange links with you. Also not all webpages were created equal, and linking to some webpages can hurt you more than it helps. Effects can be seen almost immediately and has an added benefit of helping your site rank well with the search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Getting higher on the search engines provides long lasting, free advertising for your site. Search engine optimization is a science unto itself and takes time to apply. The time before the results of this type of marketing are seen varies greatly depending upon a number of factors. Effects of search engine optimization take on average of 2-3 months before obvious results are observable.
  • Search Engine Submission - Some younger websites may not be listed in the search engines at all, and getting listed in some of the main search engines and directory listing services is a good first step to getting your webpage noticed. This usually needs to be combined with a search engine optimization, or other internet marketing strategy in order to provide any tangible benefits.
  • Banner Advertising - A visually appealing advertising banner can result in much traffic to your site but is one of your company's more expensive advertising venues. Effects can be seen immediately but have little to no lasting effects. You see the benefits for as long as you are willing to pump the money into it. This type of internet marketing does have it's place, and should be combined with others internet marketing methods in order to provide more than a temporary increase in web traffic.
  • Affiliate Networking - Pay commissions to others who drive visitors to your site. A wide variety of affiliate networking options exist, and your company's specific goals will help determine which one is best suited for you. Most affiliate networking options payout only when something is done (when a customer signs up, makes a purchase, etc.) and as such most will only cost if they are effective in generating new business leads.
  • Many, Many, More ...

An effective internet marketing strategy will make use of these and other advertising venues in order to achieve maximum long term benefits for your company's webpage.

Proper internet marketing will help ensure that your company gets the most visitors for the lowest cost.